Our clients work with us for different reasons. Some choose us for our investment knowledge that comes from years of experience and extensive education. Others appreciate our attentiveness to their needs whenever they arise.

Here are a few examples of why clients trust us as their wealth management partner, and of the solutions we have developed for them.


 Before we joined IG Wealth Management, we had no clear understanding of our financial future. We were simply investing and saving arbitrarily to an unclear end, which included retirement, but with few details of what that meant and when. Three things drew us to Investors, first the people, then the Plan and then the service. The computerized Plan, once populated by our financial details, enabled us not only to see our current financial status clearly but also how that unfolded over our lifetime. Updated with changes annually, which rolled through our Plan, we were finally able to see a continually updated financial projection which we could use for financial and life decisions.

This is made possible and relevant by the team that assists and guides us and provides unparalleled service. Ryan Rawluk, our wonderful primary financial advisor, assisted brilliantly by Cindy Morley and Kimberley Stewart, have become more than financial advisors they have become good friends. Both their expert assistance and advice, and their friendship, have made this a truly positive experience. 

Chris and June C.


 We both enjoy working with Ryan and his team who always provide excellent and cheerful service. From the moment we met Ryan we felt a positive rapport with him. He has a quiet confidence, integrity, and a great sense of humour. Going through the annual financial analysis with Ryan is a pleasure as he provides clear and concise information and is happy to explain anything that we do not understand. He is always ready to provide constructive and well considered advice. We feel very confident with Ryan managing our financial affairs. 

David and Joanne T.


 Our family's working relationship with Ryan started about 15 years ago. After various ups and downs including serious health challenges, Ryan was always so kind, patient and professional during both times of stability and intense periods of change for our family. He would come to the house or wherever we needed him to be. As a retiree, I am so grateful to have someone like Ryan to help guide me through planning for a secure financial future for both my husband and me. Thank you, Ryan!! 

Joanie B.


 Ryan has been my financial advisor for many years. Ryan's ability to follow and interpret market trends is invaluable enabling him to offer the most up to date advice concerning my investments while minimizing my tax burden. Ryan and his Team are at all times professional while being caring and considering for my personal and individual requirements. I have the utmost confidence in Ryan's honesty and integrity for all of my present and future financial needs. 

Roberta G


 Over the years, (we are in our mid 70’s), we have had a couple of good consultants to assist us with our finances. One was not very good, a couple were very good and then we met Ryan. We like the fact that Ryan and his team look at the “big picture”—not only our investments and estate planning, but our insurance needs, accountants and lawyer. Ryan is an energetic and very educated young man. We warmed to him and his team immediately. He is not only a very good listener, he has a clear and understandable way of presenting himself. We often come into his office with a few questions and it seems that he has foreseen the items on our list. He often has the answers figured out and written up for our perusal. We always leave his office with a smile on our faces. We are not the only ones that benefit from this association. Our children benefit from the estate planning and our grandchildren with the Trust accounts we have in their names. Ryan’s team seem to work seamlessly. When we call the office, their skills, knowledge and people skills are top notch. We are always confident that we are getting the best service available. We are also very thankful that he is a young man, so we will have the benefit of his expertise for a long time into the future.  

Pat and Kent M


 We have been clients of IG Wealth Management  for just over 3 years, specifically working with Ryan Rawluk and his excellent Support Team of Cindy & Kim. Our experience is nothing but positive; indeed we only wish we had signed up earlier! At all times, we have received their full attention and in a thoughtful and respectable manner. The Team is very proactive; our meetings are well planned, and the focus on detail is thoroughly comprehensive. We have no hesitation in recommending this IG Team to others who are seeking a sound and professional wealth management advice.  

Alex and Elizabeth I.


 For more than eleven-years I've dealt with IG Wealth Management. Ryan Rawluk and his team have assisted me in my financial-life decisions, making me more comfortable and secure. At times some of my family members added their opinions in the discussions for the future, as well. On several occasions over the years I didn't know what my next move was going to be to assist me over some challenging financial issues. Help was there when I needed their good advice. Having their knowledge to figure out the tough times was good. My relationships with staff has been just great and, as the saying goes "They are like family." LOL! Always available to answer questions I have with good humour and appreciation for me. Join the club.  

Maureen C


 My husband passed away recently and IG Wealth Management were so caring and kind and very helpful, it’s like visiting family with Cindy, Ryan and Kim. They always do what’s best for me, they are also very well informed in every aspect of investing your money. I highly recommend IG Wealth Management to everybody! 

Donna W